Our Work

SM Berger & Company utilizes leading financial information and resources


SM Berger & Company works with clients in Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Consumer Staples, Information Technology, Materials, and Industrials with market caps between $15 million and $4 billion. Our clients often come to us with one or two large shareholders and limited institutional ownership.


Installed Building Products Logo

“Installed Building Products Inc. has experienced tremendous growth over the last nine years as a public company, and SM Berger & Company has been an excellent partner helping us to successfully navigate the capital markets. Andy, Stan and the team are responsive to our needs as a high growth firm with frequent investor communication needs. They are knowledgeable about our industry, and provide valuable insights on the capital markets and investor sentiment. We look forward to our ongoing partnership as IBP continues to grow as a premier installation contractor for residential and commercial builders.”

Jason Niswonger
Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer
Installed Building Products

Farmers & Merchants Bancore Inc. Logo

“As the landscape for publicly traded community banks evolves, Farmers and Merchants Bancorp, Inc. continues to gain valuable strategic counsel from our partnership with SM Berger & Company. Their relationship and analytical driven approach, deep knowledge of the community bank market, and professional investor contacts have helped us manage our IR program, communicate our story and expand our investor following. SM Berger & Company is a trusted advisor to our leadership team and Board of Directors.”

Lars B. Eller
President and CEO
Farmers and Merchants State Bank
(Nasdaq: FMAO)

The Middlefield Banking Company logo

“Historically, Middlefield did not have a proactive investor relations program and as a result of the changing landscape for publicly traded, micro-cap community banks, management and the Board decided the Company would be best served by engaging a trusted investor relations firm. After looking at several investor relations and public relations firms, SM Berger & Company stood out for their well-rounded and customized investor relations programs, service-oriented culture, investor relations experience, and institutional oriented investor following. SM Berger has become a valuable part of Middlefield’s corporate structure, and we rely on SM Berger’s investor relations counsel.”

Thomas Caldwell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Middlefield Banc Corp.
(Nasdaq: MBCN)

Resources, Tools and Access to Information

Our experienced team at SM Berger & Company utilizes leading financial information and market data resources to provide insights and research for our clients. SM Berger & Company is currently the only investor relations firm employing many of
these financial market intelligence tools.


NYSE Connect

Nasdaq Online



Some of the tasks we do and research for our clients and investors include:

  • Real-time industry insights
  • ESG
  • Market intelligence
  • 10-K stock performance charts
  • Board presentations
  • Business introductions
  • Valuation analysis
  • NOBO list analysis
  • Bond information
    • Pricing
    • Holders
    • Spread reports
  • Communication services
    • Speech writing
    • Employee welcome letter
    • Comprehensive acquisition communications plans

Investor Relations Programs

Applying insight-driven approaches, SM Berger & Company develops investor relations programs that are cost-effective and results-oriented.

When creating your communication strategy and investor relations program, we work hard to create a specific program that answers each client’s unique objectives and is personalized to their needs.

Our team will continue on-going and proactive investor relations activities to remain engaged with clients and industry research. Providing capital market guidance and expertise, we make investor relations more productive and powerful by developing practical and effective communication strategies and targeting relevant investors and analysts. We have the expertise and know-how to efficiently manage all investor relations activities.

Various Programs within a flowchart
Person walking up an increasing graph

Vertical Specialties

Some of the vertical specialties SM Berger & Company focuses on are:

  • Community Banks
  • Technology
  • eCommerce/Retail
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Building Products/Home Builders
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