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We connect investors to high quality small and micro-cap companies

Throughout its history, SM Berger & Company has developed long-standing relationships with hundreds of investors across the United States. Our focus on small and micro-cap firms allows us to specifically target investors that have a strong track record of investing in these markets.

Through our long-standing investor relationships, we work with many types of investors including:

  • Institutional Investors
  • Mutual Funds
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth individuals

We have a positive reputation with capital market participants and have developed strong relationships with investors that specialize in small and micro-cap companies. We believe proactive outreach and nurturing relationships are critical components to successfully expand clients’ investor following.

Some of the ways we help clients work with investors include:

  • Actively monitoring shareholders base and trading activity
  • Supporting a company’s attendance at investor conferences
  • Proactively setting up non-deal roadshows or investor meetings
  • Organizing investor trips to company facilities

Join Our Investor Network

SM Berger & Company’s network of investors involves many different, diverse client relationships that will enhance our effectiveness. With our micro-, small-cap focus, our clients typically range from $15 million to $4 billion, giving investors plenty of opportunity to enter this capital market wherever they feel comfortable. SM Berger & Company will work with both clients and investors to devise an effective communication strategy and capital market plan valuable for both parties.

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Tools and Resources

Our team has decades of experience working with investors and other capital markets professionals. We use a combination of industry-leading software and data tools to research companies and markets. We utilize our collective knowledge and expertise for each account, so each client and investor has a knowledgeable SM Berger & Company professional working with them.

As one of the most experienced investor relations firms in the U.S., we create tailored, specific solutions for each client and provide unbiased information to each investor we work with, which is why we have an average retention rate of nine years and an excellent reputation in the investor community.

Some of our resources and capabilities include:

  • Bloomberg
  • Irwin
  • Nasdaq capabilities
  • NYSE capabilities
  • AlphaSense
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